Advisory & Banking

Advisory & Banking

BHC Team

The Financing group at Britton Hill Capital is focused on helping small to medium-sized companies solve their funding challenges, whether the problem is acquisition financing, growth capital, or surviving the aftermath of the banking crisis. We can be a valuable partner in building your business.

We bring a rational and pragmatic approach to doing business. We learn your business, assuring that a funding solution supports your particular corporate goals. We learn your competitive landscape, allowing you to retain the financial flexibility to distinguish yourself on the business landscape. We review in depth your financial information, confirming that your expectations and those of your investors are appropriately aligned.

We believe regular discussions are an essential part of a corporate finance relationship. In-depth conversations and an exchange of opinions often lead to decisions that strengthen your business. Britton Hill Capital’s involvement in the secondary credit markets means that we are in constant touch with investors’ demands. This is information you need to know.

Britton Hill Capital is ideally suited to help client companies with the following characteristics :

  • Existing revenue
  • Cashflow Positive (or a plan to get there)
  • Operating history
  • Built-out management team
  • Business strategy formulated and in place
  • Need for debt or equity Capital

At Britton Hill, we prefer to focus on issues from $20-$200 million.