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Britton Hill Capital has been engaged by a corporate client to create a model portfolio, backed up by research, and then help them invest in the credits over time.

This opportunity arose because the corporate had recently sold a division, and was holding a substantial amount of cash on its balance-sheet. The company anticipated using the cash for its own acquisitions, but was not eager to just put the money in a bank account (particularly given today’s rates of interest, and the uncertainty surrounding banks themselves).

Following a presentation by the Britton Hill team of the rationale for investing in a diversified portfolio of credits (mainly sub-investment grade, but not distressed). In addition to a balanced model portfolio, the team demonstrated their ability to dig into the financials of the portfolio credit and be responsive to the client’s questions.

The corporate client has been working pro-actively with the BHC team, putting money to work judiciously and opportunistically. Even through the market turmoil, positive results are being obtained.

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