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BHC’s investment banking team has been looking at a number of interesting opportunities, which are worth sharing because they demonstrate the breadth of our experience and capabilities.

Family Office : Concentrated Exposures

BHC has been talking to a family office that holds concentrated exposures to companies that may be in distress, or otherwise illiquid.

Since the size of the positions are small compared to the overall size of the family portfolio, there is an interest in ‘clearing out dead wood’ while keeping a tight control on costs.

BHC has been working to come up with a suitable strategy for dealing with these positions – while respecting all the requirements of the family office.

Natural Foods Distribution

Britton Hill Capital has provided preliminary advice to a Natural Foods company which has built an ancillary distribution business, which has emerged as an engine for growth for the company in its own right.

As part of monetizing this new opportunity, BHC is looking into the possibility of forming a product development fund to allow our client to help smaller natural food companies grow their businesses, in conjunction with the larger distribution channel that our client can provide.

Online Distribution Business

Even the hottest technology businesses can face age-old financial issues.

Although the market for high-tech venture capital is hot, there can still be issues to do with dilution, existing investors and the advantages of growing through the issuance of debt rather than new equity.

BHC is in discussions with a uniquely positioned online e-commerce business in a rapidly growing category, with the aim of helping them rationalize their existing capital structure, and then shift gears by raising capital from institutional investors (most likely on the debt side, with some equity enhancements to align interests).

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