Sales & Trading

Sales & Trading

BHC Team

Institutional Sales & Trading Group

Britton Hill Capital’s core is its Institutional Credit Trading group.

Access to Investors

We have deep, long-standing relationships with U.S. and Global :

  • Asset Managers
  • Family Offices
  • Hedge Funds
  • Insurance Companies

In addition, BHC also has access to a network of High Net Worth individuals.

Overall, the Britton Hill team has relationships with over 350 institutional trading counterparties.

Research Focus

Rather than just trying to be part of the ‘flow trading’ crowd, Britton Hill distinguishes itself by bringing a research focus to specific credit-driven situations.

Our team has decades of experience analyzing and trading corporate bonds that are typically ‘special situations’ : Companies that are undergoing reorganization, are emerging from bankruptcy, are in the process of recapitalizing themselves, as well as non-vanilla instruments.

The recent financial turmoil has created companies with distorted financial structures – enabling the Britton Hill team to apply its special situations experience. There are numerous situations where investors “threw out the baby with the bathwater”.

Market Sweet-Spot

Our highly experienced team has placed dozens of private placements and public offerings ranging from $5 million to $5 billion. At Britton Hill, we tend to focus on issues between $20-$200 million.

Britton Hill Capital’s involvement with the secondary credit markets means that we are in constant touch with what investors are demanding. This enables us to quickly understand how your financing needs can be met.

Products and Industries

Our Sales & Trading team is heavily biased towards the trading of credit products, plus the equity that is created as a result of restructuring. But we’re certainly open to new ideas, and each person brings specific areas of expertise to the desk.

Other products that we’ve been involved in include Structured Products (mainly credit-based structures such as CBOs and CLOs) and Auction Rate Securities (both Student Loans and the senior preferred pieces of Closed End Funds).

As far as industries go, the trading desk tends to be more dynamic in its focus than our financing side – however, there are normally common themes that allow us to combine the intellectual capital of the whole firm.